In January 2014, I was approached by a friend and asked to consider assisting a brand new theatre company with their debut show as their Music Director. I was very excited for the opportunity to help, so I jumped in with both feet. Over the next several months, I witnessed a group of young adults making their own dreams come true by giving other young adults the opportunity to become part of the theatrical productions. They dreamed of giving opportunities to young adults in the St. Louis area who are in need of professional experience to pursue their careers. Now, more than a year later, I have embraced that dream and am on the board of this amazing company.

Next Generation Theatre Company is an organization that helps young adults get training and hands-on experience in leadership roles, as well as, help to build their resumes in order to apply for master programs and ultimately pursue a career in theatre. In the past year alone, we have been able to connect with and assist more than one hundred young adults in the St. Louis community, and we were nominated for 5 Best Performance Awards for that first show in 2014!

If you are passionate about the “Next Generation” of theatre or simply want to see what we’re up to, check out our Facebook page at!

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